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Nvidia is getting close to tape out its 28nm graphics core. The company is aiming to have a new chip in 28nm ready for autumn launch. The target time frame is Q4 2011 for the desktop chip and a bit later for the mobile one.

Nvidia GPU Roadmap
The chips are made by Nvidia's long term partner, TSMC, so there are no surprises there. TSMC is already taping out some 28nm network chips but graphics chips are far more complex and have billions of transistors these days. It might take them a bit more to get ready for billion(s) transistors graphics cards.

AMD (ATI) graphics is also making its 28nm chips at TSMC and unfortunately for them, Nvidia always gets more love. The specification wars are now on, as both companies have thermal limitations to heed, and as you all know, it is very important to end up at least slightly faster.

The real fight is scheduled for Q4 2011, asuming that both companies can execute flawlessly.


  1. I can't wait to see how this card performs. Hopefully it will have better performance/power ratio than the fermi GPUs.

  2. Autuuum.....too close, too closeee....I want to change my rig to play Skyrim on 11-11-11!!! Arg!

  3. They better come up with something good, Fermi was very disappointing...

  4. LoL: upgrading the rig to play Skyrim, whose engine is made to run both on 360 and PC? I sure hope you plan to play it @ 7680x1440 else you're totally wasting money :D

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  6. Bethesda makes horrible engines. You NEED stupid amounts of graphics horsepower, even if the game doesn't look like it should require it.