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AMD HD 6990

AMD plans to launch its flagship dual-GPU Antilles card HD 6990, about six days before nVidia GTX 590.
It will pack two Cayman XT cores 

AMD HD 6990 Specs
 AMD plans on releasing two versions the HD 6990 and the HD 6990 OC.

AMD HD 6990 OC Specs

AMD HD 6990 OC vs Nvidia GTX 580

The HD 6990 OC (Overclocked version) @ 880Mhz is on average 67% faster than the GTX 580. (For comparison 2 GTX 580 in SLI configuration @ 2560x1600 using 262.99 Drivers are 63.7% faster than a single GTX 580 and draw about 482W) It will be exciting to see how it compares to the GTX 590.

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  1. So the HD 6990 OC need 84% more power to beat the gtx 580 by only 67%. Epic fail wait until the GTX 590 comes out and shows AMD the way its meant to be done.