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Retail Nvidia GT 440
Nvidia has released a retail version of the OEM only GT 440. However the new card is not identical to the OEM version. That OEM card featured 144 CUDA cores clocked at 594/1,189MHz and 1.5GB or 3GB of DDR3 running over a 192-bit bus. The new GT 440 cuts the GF108 core down to 96 CUDA cores clocked at a frequency of 810/1,620MHz with 512MB GDDR5 or 1GB DDR3 running over a 128-bit bus and clocked at either 1,600MHz or 900MHz, respectively. Partners are also free to double the memory to 1GB GDDR5 or 2GB DDR3 if they want to. Another change from the OEM variant is that the single SLI slot is now missing.
OEM Nvidia GT 440

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