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After releasing their APU market for laptops , AMD has introduced its first 2 APU (Accelerated Processing Units) of A-Series family computer market for desktop models A6 and A8-3850-3650, which promise high performance integrated graphics on the same processor.

Although the A-Series family includes more models and their specifications and features and we have detailed in previous notes, it is not until June 30 now that AMD officially introduced and initially these two models.

The A6 and A8-3850-3650 are manufactured in a 32nm GPU and incorporate quad-core x86 with support for DirectX 11 GPU for Integrated controller, dual channel DDR3 memory with support for graphics technology combined (Integrated + discrete) Dual AMD Graphics Technology

AMD lLano Details and Specification

 These APUs are for new plates FM1 socket (905 pin) we have detailed in previous notes and incorporate the AMD A75, next to the APU same part of the AMD platform for desktops Lynx midrange as come for the high ground FX-8000/6000/4000 AMD (Bulldozer).

The A8-3850 is priced at $ 135 , has four cores at 2.9GHz with Radeon HD graphics 6550D (400 Stram Processors) at 600MHz, 4MB L2 cache and a TDP of 100W. For his part, A6-3650 model will cost $ 115and has a design with four cores to 2.6GHz with Radeon HD graphics 3530D (320 Stream Processors) to the GPU to 443Mhz, 4MB L2 cache and TDP of 100W the same.

AMD lLano Details and Specification

These APU today released to the press (reviews), but will be available in stores on July 3. Later A8 models launched AMD-3800 (2.4GHz / 2.7GHz CT) and A6-3600 (2.1Ghz/2.4 CT) have support for Core Turbo and have a TDP of just 65W, the model will then A6-3500 (2172 TC 0.4) .

Are also scheduled dual-core models A4-3400 (2.7Ghz/65W) A4-3300 (2.5Ghz/65W) that come with graphics Radeon HD 6410D with 160 Stream Processors with 600Mhz and 443Mhz GPU A respectively.

Not to miss
  • A8 = 4 CPU-cores, 400-core GPU (Radeon HD 6550D)
  • A6 = 4 CPU-cores, 320-core GPU (Radeon HD 6530D)
  • A4 = 2 CPU-cores, 240-core GPU (Radeon HD 6410D)

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